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Rosh Yehudi: A Centre for Personal Development in Tel Aviv Rosh Yehudi is a centre for personal development, located in the heart of Tel Aviv, which provides inspiring content and experiences for young professionals who are interested in delving deeper, and learning, and dare to ask meaningful and intriguing questions that engage all of us.

Rosh Yehudi was founded to address the growing thirst for a Jewish identity. All the teachers of Rosh Yehudi believe in the teachings of Rabbi Kook, of blessed memory, who educated for the preservation of Torah with a deep reverence for the divine while being attuned to life progressing and developing here in Israel.

Classes Schedule

Lectures and classes at Rosh Yehudi: Reconnecting with the heart, every evening Come and delve deep together with us, to introspect, explore the treasures of Judaism, discover a new and surprising perspective, and gain practical tools for renewal and growth in a young and family-like atmosphere. About Us: Rosh Yehudi was established to address the growing thirst for Jewish identity and meaningful life. Over the years, we have founded a centre for self-awareness in the heart of Tel Aviv, providing content, inspiration, and experiences to a young audience that is eager to delve deeper, learn, and dare to ask meaningful and intriguing questions that engage all of us. We are here, every evening, waiting for you at Tsfat Street 2.

Events and Workshops

Rosh Yehudi’s Winter Program

Fascinating lessons on topics that relate to: The soul • Spiritual Growth • Hasidism And many more surprises It’s simply not worth missing out on! Looking forward to seeing you with us at Tsfat 2. Tel Avivians?! Join Rosh Yehudi’s calm updates group –

Relationships Workshop

For those looking for love, for those who wonder if they’ve found it, for those seeking to understand. For all those seeking love, for anyone wondering if they’ve found it, for those wanting to understand the essence of relationships, and desiring to know how to find a life partner… All this and more in the popular relationships workshop with Israel Zeira? Interested? Click here and register! For further questions, feel free to leave your details, and we’ll get back to you. חכמת הנפש Wisdom of the Soul What is the closest and most important thing to us in life? In fact, ourselves. No? What is the closest and most important thing to us in our lives? Ourselves, in fact. Not in an egotistical sense, quite the opposite. Because truly, who we are is how we manifest in the world. We give and help, add value and influence, and radiate light and goodness. And what’s more important than learning about ourselves? To study our souls and their immense powers, and how engaging in internal work can heal, nurture, and bring joy. It fosters growth and, above all, refines us. In our new series, we’ll explore these wonderful concepts. We’ll get to know our souls. You’re most welcome to join us, at any stage you feel inclined. Our door is wide open.

A different perspective:

Do you know what you believe in? Do you know what you believe in? If someone were to come and ask you in the middle of the day – “What drives you in life? What is your purpose?” Would you have a good answer to give them? In our new lesson series, we will explore the foundations of our beliefs in light of the weekly Torah portions. A must for everyone seeking and questioning. You are invited to join us at any stage. We’d be happy to see you!

One-on-one learning

In a personal encounter, within a warm and welcoming space, we will discuss the issues you’ve always dreamed of asking but never dared to or postponed. A golden opportunity to lay everything on the table, once and for all. Why wait? Leave your details, and we’ll get back to you.

Relationships workshop

About the workshop: We’re familiar – years of dating, spending evening after evening without the longed-for love, being disappointed in relationships, and closing our hearts. For those who want something different… A workshop on the art of love provides insights and tools to achieve true love and joyful, stable relationships. Nine captivating and empowering sessions on love and relationships according to Judaism


“Dear Israel, the champion of champions! “Thank you, God, for your goodness; your kindness is eternal.” Amen for your many blessings. It’s thanks to you! Thank you for the course, the new perspective, thanks to Esti’s wonderful guidance, and thank you for the opportunity and the decision to let go, to move forward and to get to the right thing. Israel, at the end of the workshop, and a few weeks following, I want to personally thank you for the eye-opening workshop. You asked what are the three most significant things I took away from the workshop: I learned about the difference between love and initial infatuation. I learned it’s okay to start with attraction and to practice giving in order to reach love. I understood that my ability to love depends on my development and my self-work to see the other and come with an open heart, joy, and trust. I realized how important it is to search for someone who aligns with my values and not necessarily focus on the initial attraction. Endless thanks, regards to Moriah, your wonderful wife. Keep up your sacred work.” “Dear Israel, three days ago I made the decision for the second time in my life, after two years of dwelling in this city, to stay in Tel Aviv for another Shabbat (the first was during the couples’ workshop). After the prayers, Kiddush, and Rabbi Zvi Rimon’s uplifting lesson, I spent some time alone by the sea and read the booklet you gave us on the first day of the workshop, “Love is the Whole Story”. Suddenly, everything fell into place. All the pieces of the puzzle. I read eagerly, line after line, sometimes rereading out of sheer excitement and a strong desire to internalise. Thank you for the touching words, that touch the heart, the honesty, the humanity. Even things we disagreed on during the workshop (referring to our last conversation on WhatsApp) – I accept with complete understanding and enlightenment. It affected me deeply, very deeply. Only God knows how much I longed for this guidance and how it arrived at exactly the right time. You managed to express in written words such precious material, thank you. I hope to move on to the next stage.”

Talmud Study Group

Talmud Study Group For Beginners Getting to know the treasure of Jewish wisdom About the Workshop: The Talmud study group at Rosh Yehudi is a home for those who want to open the Talmud for the first time and dive into a world filled with knowledge, wisdom, humor, parables, insights, and much more. 

Rosh Yehudi Youth

We are the organisation, The Youth of Rosh Yehudi, established to accelerate the Zionist movement within the Jewish people. The organization strives to walk in the light of our Rabbi, HaRav Kook, and follows the path of Torah that unites different aspects of the soul, all areas of life, the people, the state, and the land into one harmonious whole that belongs to every Jew of our generation. Our aspiration is to spread the unique Torah we have received and connect with all segments of the nation while presenting the Torah of the Land of Israel to every Jew. So, how does it work? We go to city centres, meet people, and discuss meaning, Judaism, and current events. We maintain a connection and invite them to study together and participate in short lessons. We form a cohesive group of friends interested in learning and getting closer, accompanying them along the way. How do I get involved? Join the group activities in your nearby city or establish a new group and start spreading the message. Click on the image and join us.

We wrote you a letter

Dear brother/sister, Each of us encounters it differently, but suddenly we realize that there’s nothing else that can provide an answer to what we lack – except for Tshuva. Suddenly, there’s no light – except for the Torah. It’s an entirely unfamiliar world, a journey into the unknown. Terrifying from the outside and wonderful from within (once you recognize it) – and we really want to help you. The answer itself is doing Tshuva – a world unlike the world of Tshuva 200 years ago, 100 years ago, and even 25 years ago – the world of today’s Tshuva: Returning to the Torah of Israel, returning to the people of Israel, returning to ourselves. You are invited to start the journey. Redemption is near. Oh, and one last thing beforehand “The ten golden rules for the Ba’al Tshuva” – it’s important to know that all beginnings are difficult. It’s natural. It means you are doing inner work. In fact – it means you are alive. May you be blessed. But beginnings don’t have to be long. In fact, in a moment, you are already past the beginning. Good luck. 

The Ten Golden Rules for the Ba’al Tshuva

1) You are entirely free! And stay that way! Just like a person on a diet chooses not to eat, just like a diabetic lives within strict boundaries – these boundaries keep them alive; you too will always remain a free person who chooses what is good for you. Sometimes, what’s good means avoiding certain things and choosing others – but remain free. If you ever feel you’re not free – talk to us. Perhaps something needs to be clarified along the way. Freedom is the cornerstone of Judaism.

2) Don’t stay alone: You can do Thsuva alone – but it’s much more difficult and lonely. You live in an era where there are many friends walking this old-new path. You’re welcome to check in with us, and we will help you find friends. Our community experience in Tel Aviv teaches us: observing Shabbat alone – it’s terribly hard. Shabbat with friends – it’s insanely addictive.

3) On the topic of friends: Friends can be the most uplifting thing in the world, but they can also hold us back. We encourage you to maintain connections with friends. It’s important and good. But if these are friends who criticize or hinder you – they might not be real friends. In short – find your true friends. Along the way, you’ll discover who your real friends are; their love for you is not contingent on anything.

4) Speaking of Relationships: Regarding relationships with family – the most important thing in the world is a good relationship with our parents. It’s not easy, and may require personal guidance. Honor your parents. It doesn’t mean you have to do everything they say. Balanced and genuine Tshuva will strengthen the relationship with your parents, and G-d forbid, not the opposite.

5) Personal guidance: It’s important to find a Torah figure you can consult with. Baalei Tshuva can make many mistakes along the way. Some of these are costly mistakes that take time to rectify. Sometimes it’s due to being too shy to ask. Sometimes it stems from the desire to move forward. But it’s a pity to make mistakes. Find yourself a Rabbi – someone you can feel comfortable asking. Someone who understands the soul and understands Baalei Tshuva. A Rabbi who supports and uplifts you, someone who knows your background and will help you based on personal familiarity. Don’t know where to look? Contact us.

6) The desire to run ahead: It’s always good to move forward. Running too fast creates strains. Sometimes later, the damages prevent progress. It’s important to progress in a balanced way that doesn’t erase the past and that the light doesn’t make you “throw in the towel”. Here too, a Torah figure will help immensely.

7) Regarding the past: We’re not always happy about it. And it’s okay to forget about it a bit now. One day, it will sweeten – and you’ll accept it fully. Don’t burn bridges, but don’t get stuck in the past either. “What happened, happened – the main thing is to start from the beginning” – and at any age, it’s possible.

8) Where should you start learning? At Rosh Yehudi. In the classes. In the Seminary. In a study group. On YouTube. Over WhatsApp.

9) Do you have more questions? Call us right now.

10) We’ve been waiting for you for two thousand years. You are a great and special soul, loved and appreciated – and hopefully, we’ll meet soon.

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